English Customs and Language

They will find that there are some British customs that foreigners find unusual, and these will not change when Britain exits the EU.

Many towns and cities are not pronounced as they are written. Edinburgh is pronounced “Edinborough” and Leicester is pronounced “Les-ster”. Why is this? Explanations tend to vary.

The British, unlike most of the rest of the world, drive on the left. Nobody is quite sure why Britain’s vehicles are driven on the left, though some have theories that put it down to the French Revolution.

Brits are also known for talking about the weather. If the temperature rises above 30°C, this is deemed front-page news. It is rarely mentioned in other European newspapers. There is a myth that it always rains in cities like Manchester. This is not true, but it does rain a lot in England so visitors are advised to pack a rain coat.

Britain eats some food that many visitors find strange. Haggis is a sort of fat sausage made with meat, oatmeal and barley, and chiefly found in Scotland. Black pudding is a favourite in the North of England and contains pig’s blood.

Many visitors find it strange that the British frequently say they are sorry. If you accidentally bump into a British person they will often apologise, even when it is not their fault.

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